Janet Adler Memorial

Paula Sager speaking at Janet Adler Memorial October 8, 2023, Northampton, MA I’d like to begin with a poem by W.S. Merwin: Looking for Mushrooms at Sunrise When it is not yet day I am walking on centuries of dead chestnut leaves In a place without grief Though the oriole

International Authentic Movement Day

INTERNATIONAL AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT DAY Honoring Mary Starks Whitehouse October 4th 2021, 12:00 – 1:30 pm EST, online Seven years ago, I was sitting next to Elizabeth Reid at Aileen Crow’s 90th birthday party in New York City. Aileen had been an inspiring teacher, beloved by all of us gathered at

On a Path, in a Circle

A circle keeps appearing. Sometimes it’s a very ancient circle, a group of people, a community moving and dancing in one circle. Sometimes it’s an image I saw in the newspaper this summer of a woman in a park sitting cross-legged in a circle she had drawn around herself, a

Remembering Nancy

Spring, 1981—I’ve landed in Northampton, Massachusetts, just as Nancy and Lisa Nelson are looking for clerical help with Contact Quarterly. A dream job for a young writer/dancer. Up the stairs to the second floor of 31 Elizabeth Street goes my memory, into the “office,” a small room off the kitchen of Nancy’s house, the hub of operations in those early years.

Befriending the Unknown

Paula Sager shares a contemplative practice of embodied awareness in solidarity with all who are quarantined or choosing to stay safe in place. If you don’t have access to a candle or matches, you can substitute the moon, or light coming through a window, or an empty chair, or a little stone, or …

2019 Somatics Festival Archive

Somatics Festival – celebrating Janet Adler, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, and Nancy Stark Smith. Photos, dance, film, drawings, as well as video of festival workshops and panel conversations—all fruits of the extraordinary embodied inquiry and practices developed by these women with their students and collaborators.

Continuing the Thread

Each of our stories is a part of the universal puzzle… we all share this existence but we experience it uniquely. By listening to each other’s story we learn more about our own, following and learning from the interweaving threads that connects our life experiences.

Following the Thread

Weaving together their respective practices of embodied awareness and biography, Paula Sager and Susan Kurz offer a creative space to enter your own experience from new and deeper perspectives, gaining insight into your own destiny and life choices. The following conversation between Paula, Susan and Stephanie Turner offers a peek into their collaboration and upcoming workshop in the Contemplative Series.

Toward Embodied Consciousness

Interview with Paula Sager and Joan Webb about the Discipline of Authentic Movement as a developmental and evolving practice.

Soul Nature

Extending appreciation to everyone who ventured out on this snow covered morning and to Annie Geissinger for offering such spacious guidance.


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