As a teacher of embodied and contemplative practices, I seek to support a process of inner inquiry that facilitates the development of consciousness. The body is vital in this process, as it enables access to parts of ourselves that are ready to be more known and welcomed, as well as to experiences of life energy moving within and around us. We can become conversant in the vernacular of body—sensation, emotion, movement, stillness, energy. Verbal language offers a means of translating these embodied experiences that live beneath or beyond words, leading to the discovery of one’s authentic voice. This process invites the kind of curiosity that makes space for inner development to occur and through consistent practice we see ourselves and others more clearly, more compassionately.

This website offers news related to my current work and teaching. It also serves as an evolving archive of published writing and videos that track the development of my own questions as they relate to the Discipline of Authentic Movement and embodied consciousness.  Along the way, I’ve come to realize that engaging with the relationship between body and word has been my central inquiry from the beginning.

– Paula Sager

Discipline of Authentic Movement

The Discipline of Authentic Movement is a practice of embodied awareness and witness consciousness.  The heart of the discipline is the relationship between mover and witness, between moving and being moved, between seeing and being seen. Learn more.

Contemplative Inquiry

Contemplative and embodied practices can enhance and develop one’s capacity to be awake, empathic, and responsive. In my teaching practice, embodied awareness provides the ground for contemplative inquiry, inviting immersive depth in relation to one’s own central questions. Learn more.

About Paula

Paula Sager is a writer and teacher of somatic and contemplative practices. She teaches the Discipline of Authentic Movement in Providence and Tiverton, RI, and at retreat centers in the USA and internationally. She is also a faculty member of Circles of Four, a program designed by Janet Adler to prepare those who wish to teach the Discipline of Authentic Movement. Janet is founder of the discipline and a leading pioneer of embodied witness consciousness.

In collaboration with Janet Adler, Paula Sager and Bonnie Morrissey coedited Janet’s collected writings in Intimacy in Emptiness: An Evolution of Embodied Consciousness (Inner Traditions, 2022). Paula’s upcoming non-fiction book, The Watch: Witness to the Beauty of it All, will be published in early 2025.

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