Three Stone Studio

In this space, in this moment, in this body….an invitation arises…opening to the creative pausestepping into the emptiness, guided by the light of attention.

Three Stone Studio, located on the coast of Rhode Island just 35 minutes east of Providence, is home for Paula Sager’s teaching which is grounded in the Discipline of Authentic Movement, the Alexander Technique, and Contemplative Inquiry. Paula is a faculty member of Circles of Four, a post-graduate program to prepare teachers of the Discipline of Authentic Movement. Paula is also a practitioner at Voice Body Mind Healing Collaborative located in Providence, RI.  Continue to Paula’s full bio

Voice Body Mind Healing Collaborative

Located in the West End of Providence, RI

Voice Body Mind Healing Collaborative is a group of practitioners who support the voice, body and mind through modalities such as voice therapy, body work, trauma work, psychotherapy, the Discipline of Authentic Movement and the Alexander Technique.


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