Paula Sager, a writer and a teacher of embodied and contemplative practices based in Rhode Island where she teaches the Discipline of Authentic Movement. Her practice and study with Janet Adler began in 1994, a deepening journey over decades. Paula is a faculty member of Circles of Four, a program preparing teachers of the discipline. She is grateful for the opportunity to participate in the continuing lineage of this work.

Paula received her degree in dance from Bennington College. She is a trained teacher of the Alexander Technique and holds a graduate degree from the Barfield School at Sunbridge College. Her phenomenological research on the development of the inner witness brings together two fields of inquiry through her thesis mentors (Arthur Zajonc, physicist, educator, and teacher of meditation and Contemplative Inquiry) and Janet Adler, founder of the Discipline of Authentic Movement and pioneer of embodied awareness as witness consciousness.

As a dancer and choreographer during the 1980s, Paula wrote articles and dance reviews for the Valley Advocate and Contact Quarterly. In 1993, she cofounded and served until 2006 as an editor and writer for A Moving Journal, a publication devoted to Authentic Movement. Paula is the author of numerous published essays, some of which have been translated into Russian and German. She also coauthored Red Thread, Two Women, published by Pacific Editions and handcrafted in a limited edition by book artist, Charles Hobson.

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