Past Events

Authentic Movement Summit, Online

An Evolution of Embodied Consciousness: Celebrating Janet Adler’s New Book with Paula Sager and Bonnie Morrissey – April 22nd 8:30 – 10:00 AM EDT

Seminar with Janet Adler – April 23rd 9:00 – 10:30 AM EDT

The Collective Body as Sangha: Zen and the Discipline of Authentic Movement, Online

November 12, 2022 | 9am – 12:30pm

with Paula Sager and Bonnie Morrissey

“I imagine the collective body as the energetic consciousness of the earthbody, which includes all living beings. It is the body-felt connectedness among people, profoundly related to the source of our humanity.” —Janet Adler

Join Paula Sager and Bonnie Morrissey, co-editors of Janet Adler’s new and collected writings, Intimacy in Emptiness: An Evolution of Embodied Consciousness, in dialogue with Janet Adler and SFZC’s Green Gulch Farm Abiding Abbess Furyu Nancy Schroeder.

Is individual embodied consciousness enough? How do we cultivate a conscious-enough collective body? How does sangha become fully embodied, manifesting on earth?

During the first half of our time together, Janet and Fu will join us for a discussion honoring the relationship between our two distinct and complementary practices—one nascent and one ancient—which considered together may bring fresh insight to our questions. During the second half, we will immerse online in an embodied awareness practice founded by Janet: the Discipline of Authentic Movement.

Individual Sessions

Paula introduces the Discipline of Authentic Movement, moving and being moved — seeing and being seen through individual sessions. Following a felt sense of emerging experience, your inner witness strengthens, developing as a more benevolent presence of awareness cultivating embodied awareness and a capacity for deeper relationship, embodied insight and compassion.

Individual sessions are available at Voice Body Mind Healing Collaborative in Providence, RI and Three Stone Studio in Tiverton, RI. I also offer solo retreats for those with experience looking for a more in depth, guided practice — solo retreats are held at Three Stone Studio in Tiverton, RI.

Circles of Four

A program for those interested in becoming a teacher of the Discipline of Authentic Movement. Circles of Four is a collective body of faculty preparing learners to teach the Discipline of Authentic Movement. Each faculty member has had a committed and long-term relationship with her or his teacher of the discipline occurring within a studio format. As in ancient and contemporary mystical practices, the Circles of Four program is bound by these committed, intimate, and long-term relationships of trust between teacher and student, witness and mover. A lineage becomes apparent as learners become teachers of students of the discipline.

The emergence of Circles of Four reflects the organic evolution of the discipline itself, a natural shaping into a form, a formality expressed in a post-graduate level program centered in the development of witness consciousness sourced in authentic movement. The development of the discipline and now of the program is dependent on each teacher bringing their own questions that occur in the studio work because of collaboration with learners. Learners are guided by their teachers’ questions but most importantly by their own, the ones that emerge from their moving and witnessing experiences in the presence of their teachers and co-learners. Learners who are self directed often feel met by this way of practice and study. – from

Circles of Four Program


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