Following the Thread of Your Life

Saturday, October 19th  |  10:00am – 3pm

Welcome to an immersive retreat designed to explore and discover the wisdom and unfolding nature of your life! Weaving together their respective practices of embodied awareness and biography, Paula and Susan offer a creative space to enter your own experience from new and deeper perspectives, gaining insight into your destiny and life choices.

Susan will introduce the practice of Biography and Social Art as a way of exploring patterns and relationships through the unfolding thread of your life story. In sharing small offerings of your story and listening to the story of others, magic happens. There is alchemy in deep listening and in being heard. The art and practice of biography can be likened to yoga for the memory body. As we practice creative and contemplative exercises to enter our life story, our souls become more supple and resilient.

Paula will introduce a practice of embodied listening and awareness. In turning attention to inner impulse, not knowing what will unfold, we develop trust in our knowing of what’s right in any given moment. The Discipline of Authentic Movement supports inner growth, insight, and self-compassion through opening to the wisdom of the body—a sense of coming home in yourself.

Join us for a nourishing day of reflection and inquiry, an opportunity to follow the thread of your own life and discover what impulse is ready to move and emerge more fully in your own becoming. The workshop fee is $125.00. Please bring your own lunch and we will enjoy a family style meal together. Beverages will be included.

Paula Sager teaches the Discipline of Authentic Movement in individual sessions and small groups at Voice Body Mind Healing Collaborative in Providence and at Three Stone Studio in Tiverton. She is on the faculty of Circles of Four (, a post-graduate program designed to prepare teachers of the discipline. She is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and since 1994 has studied and worked with Janet Adler, who has led the development of the Discipline of AM as a practice of witness consciousness since the 1970s.

Susan Kurz is a graduate of the Center for Biography and Social Art ( and offers workshops and private sessions in the art and practice of Biography Biography + Social Art ( She served on the national board of the Biodynamic Gardening and Farming Association from 2012 – 2017. As co-chair of the Outloud Committee at the Jamestown Art Center from 2014-2017, Susan helped initiate events for writers and poets of national and international renown. She is the author of Awakening Beauty the Dr. Haushka Way and in 2012, published the graphic novel, Beecoming Sophie, to help children find ways to help save honeybees (

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