Strengthening the Inner Witness: Resilience through Embodied Awareness

2018 Body-Mind Centering Conference held at Smith College, Northampton, MA


The Discipline of Authentic Movement invites exploration of experience arising through embodiment of two roles—mover and witness.  The capacity to be aware of our embodied experience is understood and experienced as the inner witness.  Building flexible and firm connections between the intellect, navigational functions, timing, movement orientation, sensation, memory, image formation, intuition, and emotion creates integration and the potential for healing. And so develops a resilient bridge of relationship—within self, between self and other, between self and the collective—allowing for emergent ways of knowing and presence.


Participants will have the opportunity to experience the discipline and the way practice as ritual deepens embodiment and enhances witness consciousness and resilience.


Paula Sager and Eleni Levidi, Faculty of Circles of Four, an international post-graduate program founded by Janet Adler and designed to prepare teachers of the Discipline of Authentic Movement.   Paula Sager, BA, MLS, has studied with Janet Adler since 1994, and since 2000 teaches the discipline in the US and Canada and offers solo and group retreats in her Rhode Island studio.  She co-founded A Moving Journal, a publication devoted to Authentic Movement and is trained in the Alexander Technique.   Eleni Levidi, MS, LPC, BC-DMT, Certified Master Dream Pattern Analyst, pioneered Dance Therapy in Greece in the 1980s.  She has taught the Discipline of Authentic Movement in the US and in Europe since 1995 and offers solo and group retreats and supervision in Boulder, Colorado and in Greece.


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