Speaking from the Silent Witness

with Paula Sager & Bonnie Morrisey


There is a moment in the Discipline of Authentic Movement when we spontaneously long to see another clearly, as they really are.  This longing leads developmentally to the practice of the Silent Witness, where we contain this longing in attentive silence.  From the silent witness, we develop our capacity for compassionate presence and the offerings of the heart.


Tracking our own sensations, feelings, images, and thoughts in the presence of movers, we come to see the workings of our own mind, including projections and associations that obscure clear seeing.  Gradually we learn to trust the silence that holds and contains our own experience.  This supports increased concentration, insight, and compassion.


Eventually our words emerge directly from the depths of clear silent awareness and speaking becomes more fully grounded in the direct experience of intuitive knowing, the wellspring of all authentic witnessing.


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