Contact Quarterly (1975 – Present) is an international journal of dance, improvisation, performance, and contemporary movement arts edited by Lisa Nelson and Nancy Stark Smith.

Possible Meetings

the dances of Susan Rethorst

by Paula Clements [Sager]

CQ Vol. 11 No. 3, Fall 1986 p 8 – 13

It’s Impossible to Repossess

A view of the Judson Dance Theatre Reconstructions

by Paula Clements [Sager]

CQ Vol. 7 No. 3/4, Spring/Summer 1982, Contact Improvisation’s 10th Anniversary Party, p 52 – 55

Following the Arc

an ongoing dialogue about performance and Authentic Movement

by Meg Cottam and Paula Sager

CQ Vol. 27 No. 2, Summer/Fall 2002, Special Issue: Authentic Movement, p 40 – 43

Dialogue: Dear Wendy, Dear Paula

Letters between Wendy Perron and Paula Clements at Bennington College

by Wendy Perron and Paula Clements [Sager]

CQ Vol. 8 No. 3/4, Spring/Summer 1983, The College Issue, p 8 – 16


Reflections on Nancy Stark Smith, Collaborating Founder of Contact Improvisation

How transmission works, and sharing the key by Paula Clements Sager

This excerpt is included in a collection of reflections of the late Nancy Stark Smith edited by Jonathan Stein. For the full text see Remembering Nancy.



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