Following the Thread of Your Life

A Contemplative Inquiry through Movement and Writing
Three Stone Studio in Tiverton, RI with Paula Sager

August 11, 2018  |  1:00 – 5:00pm


Life begins in movement—from the moment of conception we each are growing, experiencing. developing—and the thread of our life continues to unfold in its own unique expression.


Perhaps this is the right time for you to reflect on pivotal times of growth along the way and discover what impulse is ready to move and emerge in your life now.


Using the contemplative tools of Authentic Movement and journaling, we can look at our own experience from deeper perspectives and gain insight into our own destiny and life choices.


We can strengthen our relationship to our inner witness, our own capacity to take hold of the thread.


Previous experience with Authentic Movement is not necessary.  To register or learn more, contact


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