Discipline of Authentic Movement

A Weekend Retreat at Three Stone Studio with Bonnie Morrissey and Paula Sager

April, 2019

Cost:  $390.00


As the cultural and political ground shifts under our feet, many of us seek new ways of being, new ways to respond to the unease we feel in response to disruptive change.  The Discipline of Authentic Movement offers a bridge between the physicality of our moving bodies and the receptivity of our attention.  We tap into an emerging awareness that is completely relevant to what is happening in the world right now.


The ground of change is a ground fertile with mystery.  As our practice deepens, discernment is refined.  What I choose to say and do, not say and not do, arise more fully from a place of conscious choice.  No matter how miniscule it may seem, each choice completely matters.  The path to a more conscious embodied collective consists of more fully conscious individuals.  If I take one step further on this path, and you do also, we invite the mystery of beloved community to appear.



Group size will be limited. To inquire about registering, please contact paulasager@threestonestudio.org


Bonnie and Paula are faculty members of the Circles of Four program. See bios at: http://www.disciplineofauthenticmovement.com/circles-of-four.html


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