A Moving Journal (1994 – 2006), published and co-edited by Annie Geissinger, Joan Webb and Paula Sager, offered a shared space of inquiry for the diverse and international field of Authentic Movement practitioners.


…I often felt as though my body itself was being kneaded by the energy of the potential form, kneaded because of a form– a way of work–that I could never quite see.

– J. Adler

Toward the Unknown: Janet Adler and Annie Geissinger in Conversation

The rhythm, the resilient give and take of the vine as it rises up and down, comes through my legs and into my feet. A soundless ringing seems to rise up, up into the cloudless sky, and again I feel that sense of being held in the space between earth and sky.

– P. Sager

The Eyes of Trees

The actual making of a piece is such a magical, informative process, and you never know for sure what it will become.  I always feel it’s cheating people just to show them the performance.

– C. Weiss

Performance: An interview with Cathy Weiss

Every aspect of this journey is holy,

and it is the Fool in us, the Unknown Knower,

who brings the wise flexibility, literally, the “foolishness”

we need to pass through these life experiences.

– K. Bernstein

Journey of the Fool:  An interview with Kathy Bernstein

These dances rise up inside me and spin out beneath me,

And it’s as if I stand back, inside myself and observe…

Available to constant change,

I can balance at the edge of the unknown,

And experience fearlessness.

E. Karczag

These Dances Rise UP:  An interview with Eva Karczag

Come out of the cell

Closet mystic.

There are colors to touch,

Movements to dance, and

Words to be sung

– S. Tanenbaum

Intuitive Life Movement:  An Interview with Shelley Tanenbaum

Word is the green splay of leaves

like fingers on the abundant hands of the plant

opening their  palm in me and saying,

see, it’s so simple so self-evident

this spreading toward each other, this union.

– P. Sager

The Red Thread: Moving and Witnessing From Long Distance by Lizbeth Hamlin and Paula Sager

Every time we stand in a circle we approach this potential to know ourselves individually and as participants of something much more. Facing the empty fullness of Authentic Movement circle, we become alert, attentive to what is present. We listen within…

– P. Sager

Listening to Sound: Awaking an Embodied Social Sense

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